Our Vision

Jesus says in the gospel of Matthew that his people collectively are like a city.

“You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:16

The reason this city cannot be hidden is because it’s on a hill and it’s full of light. You can’t hide light. It’s just there. It shines. Revealing. Protecting. Warming. Like the telephone pole lights that line our city blocks—God’s people are a city that illuminates the world.

Jesus also says that this city of light must let its light shine by doing good works that glorify the Father in heaven.

That’s the vision of Grace City Church. We want to be what Jesus calls us to be—a city within this city, that’s for the city, shining the light of God’s mercy, love, and grace in such a way that God’s fame spreads and the people of this city encounter the renewing power of Jesus Christ.

We want to see God’s fame spread throughout NE Philly as individual lives, whole families, city blocks and entire neighborhoods are transformed by the powerful love of Jesus.

Whether you are a committed follower of Jesus, have questions about Jesus, or you’re skeptical about Jesus—we invite you to join us at Grace City and see what God is doing to spread his fame and renew the lives of ordinary people like you & me.