Our Mission

Jesus has sent the whole church to do the whole mission of making disciples to the end of the earth until the end of the age.


It’s all about Jesus. He gave his life for our sins, and he gave us our mission. We exist to show and tell how great Jesus is.

Has Sent the Whole Church

The mission is not just for some super Christians – pastors or missionaries or whatever. It’s for everyone who is a disciple, everyone who is a follower of Jesus. It’s for every Christian.

To Do the Whole Mission of Making Disciples

Discipleship is mission. Mission is discipleship. And our mission involves making new disciples and maturing existing ones.

Making New Disciples

A disciple is one who knows, trusts, loves, worships, and follows Jesus. We want more and more people to know the saving and renewing power of Jesus through the good news of his life, death, and resurrection.

Maturing Existing Disciples

Followers of Jesus are meant to mature through learning more and more of his love. And this learning is not just to acquire knowledge, it’s for obedience to Christ’s commands. It’s a life-long process of becoming more like Jesus, learning to love like he does.

To the End of the Earth

This commission is worldwide in its scope, because the good news is for everyone. Jesus has purchased by His blood a people from every tribe, tongue, and nation to praise Him forever.

Until the End of the Age

We can fulfill this great commission, not because we’re so great, but because Jesus himself is with us by the Holy Spirit to empower us to do what he has commanded us to do. Jesus has promised to be with us on mission until He returns to make all things new.