This Weekend at Grace City

Below is a list of events that are happening this weekend at Grace City Church of the Northeast and how you can be involved.

EASTER-HUNTThis Saturday at 11:00am, the 4th Annual Mayfair Memorial Playground Easter Egg Hunt is taking place at the field in front of Lincoln High School. Because of your generous contributions of candy over the past three Sundays, we were able to deliver an overflowing box of candy and plastic eggs to the organizers of the event. The cost for each child to participate in the hunt is $3. The proceeds from this fundraiser will be used to install the last piece of equipment at the playground.

EasterSaturday at 12:30pm, we will be gathering in the parking lot at Lincoln H.S. to go into Mayfair with doorhanger invitations for our Good Friday & Easter Gatherings. Please consider coming out to help us spread the word about these upcoming gatherings, and pray that God would bring many new people out to Grace City to hear the gospel.

Benevolent Offering

This Sunday, we will be collecting the monthly benevolent offering that is used to meet emergency needs of families within the church and in our community. Please pray about your contribution. If you need to benefit from this resource please fill out a benevolence request form at the Information & Resource table on a Sunday, or talk to your Discipleship Community leader or any members of the pastoral team. You will then be contacted by Bill Rodebaugh who is our Director of Benevolence & Holistic Life Care.

Richie Frank is the Director of Operations for Grace City Church, serving both the Northeast & Wissinoming congregations.